Do you need help Breaking the Ice?

Break the Ice Media is a fund, but not your traditional financial service institution. BTI can be your angel, but this is not your run of the mill Angel Fund. What we do better than any other of your potential partners is listen to your idea, no noise, no interruption and no judgment.

There are million of brilliant minds out there with unique dreams and little resources to make them happen and there are very few teams willing to take them seriously, BTI-Media is the first conglomerate of resourceful professionals looking forward to helping entrepreneurs like you turn those dreams into innovation.

And because money is not always the core of a new business the only time you will use the letters VC is to describe a Very Competent team that can integrate resources and experience to see your business plan as a whole rather than a must-have-18-month break-even point project.

As entrepreneurs we share your passion, as successful professionals we understand investment and as down to earth people we relate to others, understanding that a business goes far beyond a financial model and into the heart and soul of their creators.

Open door policy, open mind philosophy and waiting for you to reach out and let us make your own ideas blossom

Latest addition to our Portfolio:

BMD is a GPS powered iPhone, Android and Blackberry App that allow members to break the ice and meet new people or connect with old friends enhancing the experience of a night out while responsibly enjoying their favorite drinks. It’s a mobile social-IZING network, game and a dating tool all integrated into one stylish and appealing portal.

To learn more about the imminent launch visit their site:Are you in the Olive yet?

Buy Me A Drink was created By A Girl Who Wanted A Drink


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